Who we are

First-class journey


Exceptional glasses

At Bloobloom, we do things our way. We create our own unique designs, travel the world in search of the finest materials, and spend months selecting the best factories on earth. That’s how we make sure you always wear the best glasses.

Free next day delivery

Life is too short to wait for glasses. We are changing the world of eyewear with Bloobloom Now, our free next day delivery on all orders, available right now in the UK. We also offer free same day dispatch + express delivery for international customers. We value your time as much as you do.

Simple and easy

We decided to keep things simple and easy (why not?). No more hassle choosing lenses with their endless tricky options. Our lenses are free, fully coated, and selected by our experts based on a combination of your prescription and your favorite frame. We guarantee they will ideally meet your needs. Simple and easy we said.

Radical Transparency


Behind the glasses

Our factories have great stories, and we are proud to share them with you. We only partner with the best ones. Those that, like us, value improving their employees’ lives, preserving the environment, and making top-quality products.

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Behind the price

At Bloobloom, we believe that you have the right to know how much your glasses cost to make. That’s why we disclose on each product page the real costs behind our prices. We even include our markups vs. other designer brands. Nothing to hide means nothing to fear.

Behind the scene

Bloobloom reflects the particular way of thinking of its people. We believe in a culture of openness where thoughtful disagreement is encouraged and where finding mistakes and weaknesses is viewed as a fundamental part of improvement and innovation. Revolutions come from progressive visions.


Heartful impact


Tackling the world’s #1 unaddressed disability

The problem is clear. Today, of the almost 4.5 billion people on our planet who need vision correction, 2.5 billion people still have absolutely no access to glasses. That makes it the largest unaddressed disability in the world. A disability that’s costing our global economy an estimated $3 trillion every year.

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Pair by pair

Because we believe that clear sight is a right, for every pair you purchase, we donate a pair to someone in need. And as we grow, our efforts towards making access to vision correction universal will keep growing with us. Pair by pair.

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The right way

Because simply giving can also unintentionally cause adverse effects, at Bloobloom we make a point of ensuring that we are helping the right way. Follow the link below.

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