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Zhenjiang WANXIN Optical Glasses CO.

For our collection of frames, we wanted the highest level of artisanal craftsmanship. Making the best frames requires knowledge, experience and precision. We were undecided. Could we avoid the price tag of French or Italian factories without compromising on quality? When in doubt, travel...

How We Met

We contacted quite a few factories in Europe in order to launch our first production of frames. The feedback was inevitably the same: long production times, high price tag and part of the manufacturing process is actually made in China. So we understood two things. First, Chinese factories are able to deliver the specifications we ask for. Second, to lower our price point, we have to cut the middle-man out. Mr. Hoi, manager at our lens factory, introduced us to the most skillful frame factory he knows.

The Atelier

This atelier is a true gem. A Chinese garden is at its heart, which is unusual enough to be mentioned (the first garden we have seen in any factory). The average age of workers is well above forty so we found the experience and skillful craftsmanship we were looking for. The factory is attached to its traditions and, except for the high precision cutting that is done mechanically, the glasses are assembled and polished by hand.

The Story

Wanxin was founded in 1973 by Mr. Tang, just a year after he had established his first lens business. His idea was simple yet brilliant. Offer a one stop manufacturing facility for eyewear, in the Jiangsu Province where he was born and bred. A little less than fifty years later, he is a key figure in the industry.

Behind the success story he is the same man, attached to his small village where he still lives. And he has kept the little garden and his atelier that he built half a century ago.