At the beginning, there was a tiny family owned factory in Castiglione Olona, Italy. 170 years later, the world has profoundly changed but their values remain intact. Same traditions, same family. 

How We Met

Some phone calls, an introduction, and here we are in Shenzhen. It's the city where the iPhone is produced and the hometown of DJI, the best camera drones ever. The whole city is devoted to technology and has grown tremendously in the last 30 years thanks to the high-tech sector. It was in the 90s' that Mazzucchelli opened a production site in this growing city with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. Good intuition.

The Factory

We were warmly welcomed by their team at the factory. On the top floor,  there is a large white room with a colourful wall containing hundreds of frames in every possible colour. We had a good idea of our preferred tones, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by such a profusion. Thanks to Tracy, who knows every single detail about each of the 50 shades of tortoiseshell, we were able to make up our minds. The factory produces the highest quality acetate which is obtained from cotton or wood pulp.

The Story

Mazzuchelli 1849 was established in (Surprise!) 1849. The company initially produced combs and buttons made from horn, bone and tortoiseshell. 170 years later, the fifth and sixth generations of the family oversee the operations of this worldwide reference for high-end acetate manufacturing. They are focused on preserving their traditional savoir-faire with an Italian flair for sophisticated aesthetics. And they are still based in the charming medieval village of Castiglione Olona. But you don't survive through the centuries without a dose of innovation and creativity. So here they are, at the forefront of Shenzhen's high-tech hub.