Written by Saria Eid

Flowers installation

As we inch closer to liberty, we can’t help perking up, thanks partly to the arrival of spring and gentler weather. There’s still some way to go before we can move freely, but our feet are itchier than ever, so ready are we to release the pause button and press GO on life. You know the feeling, oui?!

One simple element that’s cheered us lately is having flowers around the place. Now that buds are pushing through stems, and bulbs are stealthily exploding in verges, trees and gardens – invisible one week, surprising us the next – we’re loving that rainbow hit. Outside or indoors, flowers are therapy.

There’s a clue in our name.

As eager biophiliacs who can’t walk past a palm without imagining it in the corner of the bathroom, we’re big floral fans. And blooms have helped brighten up some gloomy corners – mental and physical – in recent months. People don’t (officially) need them but mon dieu, we want them. We love them.

You might have noticed we like to use the odd plant, fruit or flower in our product photos. Sometimes it’s because they’ve inspired our frame colours – see cherry blossom pink (bonjour Idol) or that vivid spiced yellow you find on the cheery puffballs of Craspedia or Achillea.

The Idol The Idol in Nude with Cherry Blossom

The Idol The Idol in Amber with Achillea Filipendulina

Sometimes we include nature to recreate those airy happy sensations you get from adventures in new places or al fresco lounging with friends. That freshness is a crucial mixer in the bloobloom cocktail.

Strange times aside, flowers embellish our lives in so many ways.

Their bursts of natural colour, shape and (if we’re lucky) scent bring joy to even the most mundane of times. Times like these! Normally we turn to them when we want to welcome babies, celebrate unions and honour the departed. To spoil people we love, to reward effort and to indulge ourselves.

They don’t have to be big to make their presence felt. A posy of purple tulips or a jar of early daffodils on a desk, mantelpiece or kitchen table makes for an instant spirit-lifter, a soul-soother, a stop-and-stare moment. What’s more, it’s a fact that flowers are proven to trigger our happy hormones. No wonder flower delivery numbers have jumped up during the pandemic.

We love gloriously tactile dried stems and blooms too – lavender, willow, field grasses – because they look so striking and let nature live on past its sell-by date. Oh and we also have some virtual crushes across the globe: Amsterdam-based Natasja Sadi (real AND edible floral mastery!), UK gardening artist Bex Partridge and US floral designer Jeff Leatham.

Natasja Sadi floral arrangement Natasja Sadi

Bex Partridge Bex Partridge

Jeff Leatham floral arrangement Jeff Leatham

When something feels good, share it.

Want to make someone smile a genuinely spontaneous smile? Send flowers, always. And things have come a long way since Interflora was your only option. We try to make our products ethical from source and admire others who do that too, so we tracked down some creative, affordable online delivery services.

Among our favourites for sustainably packaged and responsibly grown bunches are Arena Flowers and Bloom & Wild, who can whisk beautiful stems to your beloved’s hand or letterbox – oui, they come flat-packed too.

Sharing flowers is a simple act of care. We feel a self-gift coming on.

PHOTOS: Jacques Bopp, bloobloom, Natasja Sadi, Bex Partridge, Jeff Leatham
WORDS: Eileen MacCallum