Written by Saria Eid

Climate Neutral

Bonnes Nouvelles! We’re pleased to tell you bloobloom is now Climate Neutral certified. It’s the latest step in our efforts to tread lightly on the planet and run a thoughtful business.

At the beginning of this year, in this very Journal, we shared our New Year resolution to be kinder. To ourselves and to the world. To be honest, it’s something we’ve aimed to do since we launched the good ship bloobloom (three years already!) to offer strong, sustainable products that last a lifetime. So we started with small conscious choices around the office, such as using paper cups and recycled paper.

Then we looked closely at our products.

Now we supply your glasses in vegan leather cases and ship them in recycled cardboard boxes with plastic-free packaging. By continually seeking kinder ways to do and make things (with some inevitable false starts) we’ve discovered even little changes help. However, to limit the severe climate changes already speeding our way, we know we all need to do more, faster.

To commit further we signed up with Ecologi, an organisation which helps individuals and businesses take effective action against climate change. Through them, the bloobloom team is becoming a Climate Positive Workforce, via planting trees and taking other steps to offset the carbon emissions from our activities.

Being Climate Neutral Certified is still only the start.

We pledge to measure our carbon footprint for the past year, to offset it and to reduce our future emissions. To do this, we’re switching to greener energy suppliers for our office, workshop and upcoming stores and, as we grow, we plan to have an all-electric car fleet. In our products, we’re using more materials from renewable and biodegradable plant sources.

We’re proud to be in the illustrious company of many other brands who are trying to make changes that count. But the world needs to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050 and (as the folks at Climate Neutral say) 2050 isn’t soon enough. So we’ll keep trying to do more. Thank you for helping us.

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WORDS: Eileen MacCallum