Written by Eileen MacCallum

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Hands up... Ever find yourself pressing a mental pause button and imagining being on the beach? Basking in warm sunny dreaminess? (Even most dedicated sand-haters would admit the allure of the seaside on a sizzling day.)

Recently when Mas Que Nada (see below) played, we bloobloomers slapped on massive grins and showcased our individual grooves around the office. (Oui, we can occasionally be found with our hands in the air.) We enjoy a little holiday in a song.

Chez bloobloom, those moments seem to side-swipe us when exactly The Right Summer Song hits the speakers. We might be sucking an ice lolly in a dusty park. Putting in desk time. Sipping drinks on a bench or a balcony or a doorstep with mates, eyelids drooping. Then The Right Summer Song comes along – and adds an uplifting soundtrack to the nicest of times, or perks up a meh day.


When we asked around, we found other people’s sunny favourites include – surprise! – the iconic Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and The Isley Brothers’ ultra-smooth Summer Breeze. No shortage of tunes with ‘summer’ or ‘sunny’ in the title, non.

You can seek summery inspiration on playlists from Time Out, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone and countless others. And of course, you can always get Spotify to choose for you.

Or better still, ignore them ALL and dive deep into our lovingly-selected playlist for full beach-vibe immersion à la bloobloom. May you befriend some new tunes or even, just maybe, fall in love.

Listen and let us know...

The bloobloom Beach Top Ten

PHOTOS: Tinmay Yu
WORDS: Eileen MacCallum