Written by Abbas Manai

bloobloom custom core wires

There’s no settling when it comes to our glasses. Like Marco Pierre White creating his favourite tarte tatin (pear not apple), we keep refining until our recipe tastes right. Like fine patisserie, fine spectacles require excellent materials and the highest levels of craftsmanship. Obviously. But really, it’s all in the detail.

Perfecting the little things takes time and, luckily, we get a kick out of time well spent. We wouldn’t have described ourselves as ‘spec nerds’ some years back, but now we’ve got all the badges.

Details laser-engraved in gold Details laser-engraved in gold

Because we love the details.

Like finding just the right shade and strength of midnight blue Italian acetate to bring our latest designs to life. To be honest, we sometimes lose Nathan when we’re working on new styles. When samples come in, he sinks into an underworld of colour, sheen, durability, etcetera... But it’s okay, he always emerges, usually with fantastically in-depth knowledge of laser-engraving or German polishing wax.

Pin drilled 5-barrel hinges Pin drilled 5-barrel hinges

It all makes our glasses better.

Talking to makers, understanding their expertise, their aims, is always fascinating. Ever spent a few idle moments wondering how random speckles get into tortoiseshell? So did we. We can confirm no turtles are harmed, promise. Staying close to our suppliers helps us define why we do what we do – and keep improving everything from our lenses to the polishing cloths in our cases.

And just because our glasses are affordable and beautiful to look at – and through – it doesn’t mean they’re not built to last. Ever accidentally sat on a pair of specs and (after the shouting) wished they were tougher? Us too. So we tracked down durable 5-barrel rivet hinges and ultra-light stainless steel to make ours strong as well as good-looking.

Custom hand-inlaid logo Custom hand-inlaid logo

Like we said, it’s all in the detail.

From the sweet golden bloom of our hand-inlaid logo to the edible rainbow shades of our frames, the little details make the whole confection just right. We wouldn’t want you to settle for second-best.

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WORDS: Eileen MacCallum