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If you’ve never really thought about the shape of your face before, it’s definitely worth considering when it comes to choosing glasses.

Bien sûr, you can wear whatever frames you fancy. If you’re all about unleashing your inner Elton John, we salute you. That said, following certain guidelines (not rules) can help you find frames that suit your physical features as well as your personality. And making an informed decision can be the clincher between frames that flatter and ones that don’t.

There are four main face shapes: Square, Round, Oval and Heart.

When you browse our site, you can use the 'Shape' option to select frames of each type. To work out which one you are, stand in front of the mirror with your hair off your face and take a good look. Note which parts of your face are wide/narrow, long/short and angled or round. Done that? Read on.


A square face generally looks as long as it is wide, with the forehead, cheeks and jaw all being of similar width. You may have distinct ‘corners’ at your jawline and, if you have a straight hairline, at the sides of your forehead.

To soften any edges and minimise forehead width, a rounded frame like our Traveller or Parisian offers a subtle natural contrast. A cat-eye frame is also an elegant eye-opening choice – see our Ballerina or Cutie .

If you prefer to enhance these natural lines, style with a similarly shaped frame, such as our Pianist , Mentor or Diva in a medium to bold thickness.

The Pianist The Pianist in Tobacco


Like the squares, round faces are as wide as they are long, this time with curved cheekbones and chin.

We suggest you try a more boxy or rectangular frame (see our Architect or Founder ) to offset your natural round lines. And if you want to amplify eyes, brows, cheekbones, the lot, a timeless cat-eye style is worth a look. Just select your preferred level of drama, from the subtle Soulmate to the more flamboyant Icon and Idol .

If you fancy a round or circular frame – such as our Artist in tortoiseshell or the wire-framed Daydreamer – bear in mind it will emphasise any curves.

The Daydreamer The Daydreamer in Silver


It’s an eyewear party for oval folks! As this face is longer than it is wide, with a gently rounded forehead and chin, it gives your glasses plenty of room to breathe. You can pretty much take your pick and experiment with style and colour.

Choosing a cat-eye or squarer frame will emphasise your cheekbones, especially one that’s a touch wider than the broadest part of your face. Even the roundest of frames (see our Visionary or Stargazer ) will be nicely balanced by the longer planes of your face – just make sure they’re not too narrow and cover its full width. If you feel your face is quite long, deeper frames can offset that.

The Visionary The Visionary in Frost


Wider at the forehead, scaling down to a narrow jawline and chin, this face shape also offers plenty of leeway when it comes to frame choice. The optician is your oyster!

To balance the smaller lower half of your face, a more angular frame can help offset any pointiness (see our Dancer). Try frames with a strong line that inclines outwards at the top, or experiment with cat-eye styles for added swoop. Round frames offer a great way to soften any angles and thin (but not semi) rimmed frames are also your friend.

The Dancer The Dancer in Soda

Of course, shape aside, we know the dimensions of people’s heads and features vary widely too. That’s why each of our frame descriptions lists the fit as 'Wide', 'Medium' or 'Narrow' to give you the best chance of finding your spec-mate. And if you need a second opinion, we’re always here to advise.

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