Written by Abbas Manai

Michael Caine

There’s no two ways about it. Whether you wear them for impact or good old-fashioned myopia, the right frames can make a look in a way no other accessory does. Alors, shall we try a little star style for size?

John Lennon

Let’s start with John Lennon, musical icon – known for his equally iconic round wire glasses. He’s not alone. Both Steve Jobs and (ahem) Harry Potter knew the power of simple frames that take up little face space but make you look big-time brainy. You can show similar Beatle-esque cool in our Poet or Virtuoso frames.

Michael Caine

His name... is Michael Caine. So many good films and, um, not-so-good ones. But in the 1960s classics we love he was always sporting chunky über-cool black frames, rather like our own Creator. Another notable devotee of the arty dark frame was Peter Sellers – try our Pianist for a touch of 60s vogue.

Seller and one-time wife Brigitte Bardot

Seller’s one-time wife Brigitte Bardot was no slouch in the glasses department either. Did anyone wear a cat’s eye frame quite as magnificently as she? If you feel like giving it some vintage vamp, our Icon and Idol frames have just the aura you’re looking for.


If you’re a fan of the Black-Eyed Peas or The Voice on TV, you might enjoy Will.i.am’s joyously eclectic spectacle choices as much as we do. This man has a lot of fun with his face furniture, always happy to stand out rather than blend in. He’s not trying to look like anyone else, but if you fancy channelling a little of his edge, our Superhero or Mentor frames should do nicely.

Charity table-read of 80s film classic Fast Times

Thanks to all the Zooming lately, we’ve noticed some at-home stars rocking glasses we wouldn’t normally see on the red carpet. A recent virtual charity table-read of 80s film classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High was packed with delectable celebrity specs. Standouts included Jennifer Aniston in sleek wire frames and Matthew McConaughey in a square tortoiseshell look similar to our Pal or Pro.

Cate Blanchett

And while we’re talking movie stars, Cate Blanchett’s starry glow makes it impossible for her to look less than fabulous in anything – obviously that applies to glasses too. Wanna be more Cate? Amp it up with our Saint or Aesthete frames.

Hell, who cares what les artistes are wearing?

You do you. We’ll do your glasses.

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