Written by Saria Eid

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We’ve been noticing the love for our growing selection of cat-eye frames… (Merci beaucoup everyone.) So what better moment for a close-up look at a timeless trend?

This cool cat has been around since the 1930s, thanks to the creative imagination of one Altina Schinasi who was frustrated by deeply dull frame options at the time. The style caught fire by the 1950/60s and the party still ain’t over. If you’re yet to embrace its feline charms, you’re missing a fast track to instant chic.

We could treat you to endless snaps of the great and famous looking adorably edgy in lunettes oeil de chat. But we confess a soft spot for how supercool movie gals Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn wore theirs, so we’ll stop at these two. Oh là là, trop jolie...

Brigitte Bardot (left) and Audrey Hepburn (right)

What makes cat-eye glasses so special?

Bonne question. The style’s enduring appeal has much to do with how the winged curve mirrors eye shape and enhances cheekbone, leading the viewer’s eye up and out. The effect varies depending on the degree of upsweep beyond the natural brow line. It’s a look that can run from gently flattering to exaggeratedly dramatic – but always fabulous. SWOON.

Let’s talk personality

Behind bloobloom doors, we enjoy our own theories about what we call ‘glasses personality’ – your spectacle persona, your frame game, if you will. Some people prefer glasses that subtly complement their overall look. Others want to make a spec statement that shows off their current design tastes or colour crushes. Et bien sûr , it’s fun to have multiple personalities!

Not all cat-eye glasses are created equal

Different faces suit different swoops, so our collection aims to offer a cat for everyone, and not just les femmes. The versatile Soulmate ticks the box for chaps too – basically anybody who likes incredibly flattering facial attire.

Soulmate in Havana The Soulmate in Havana

At the other end of the scale, more delicately feminine versions – the fine-rimmed Stylist and slightly weightier Ballerina – lift the face without overplaying the retro feel. Speaking of which, our exquisite curved Icon is catnip (sorry) to those seeking a truly vintage vibe. Et finalement, newest cat on the block, the Idol brings the style bang up-to-date in a range of juicy shades.

Ballerina, Icon, Idol and Stylist frames

The right colour makes sure you wear the specs, not the other way around

Lots of us adore classic black frames. Mais non, they don’t always love our complexions back, so our cat colours also span from sheer crystal to dashing navy. Adding complimentary cat-eye frames to even the most meh outfit can turn your inner Parisien/ne up to full volume. Because, like all great glasses, they put the spotlight on YOU.

If you find this particular style a bit like Christmas cake – wonderful but not for every day – sunglasses could be the way to go. All our cat-eye glasses come with a tint.

PHOTOS: bloobloom, Unknown
WORDS: Eileen MacCallum